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Products in the WHO PQS Devices Catalogue are classified according to categories, as shown in the list below. The numbering system follows the arrangement shown in the old Product Information Sheets (PIS). However, PIS products listed under these categories are no longer valid. Only PQS pre-qualified products are now recommended for purchase. A search in the E001 category, cold rooms and freezer rooms, will lead you to a list of pre-qualified manufacturers that have cold room and freezer room components (as described in the corresponding PQS data sheet) that have been validated through the PQS process. Note that products that are listed as "suspended" or "withdrawn" are not recommended for UN purchase.

The WHO PQS devices catalogue includes details of all immunization- related products currently pre-qualifies by WHO for procurement by United Nations agencies, in addition to comprehensive guidance notes to help purchasers make informed choices. The catalogue is updated whenever a change occurs with regards to a product, a manufacturer or a laboratory.

Download the WHO PQS Devices Catalogue (version: 14 June 2017) in PDF format.

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::  E001 - Cold rooms, freezer rooms and related equipment
::  E003 - Refrigerators and freezers
::  E004 - Cold boxes and vaccine carriers
::  E005 - Coolant-packs
::  E006 - Temperature monitoring devices
::  E007 - Cold chain accessories
::  E008 - Injection devices for immunization
::  E010 - Waste management equipment
::  E013 - Injection devices for therapeutic purposes