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Category E008 Auto-Disable syringe for fixed dose immunization 

The page gives access to all prequalified products from that category and PQS data sheets for each product can be downloaded. A search of a particular product can be done using the category product search link. The guideline for manufacturer of that category can be accessed through the category documentation link.  Products under that category are defined in the ISO 7886-3.  WHO recommends the use of these devices for the administration of all injectable vaccines.


Category E008 Single-use auto-disable needle-free syringe injectors

The E008 category includes this type of jet injectors for which performance specifications and verfication protocol can be found in this same category documentation.

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ProductDescriptionCompanyMfr reference  
E008/004AD syringe 0.5 mlAbu Dhabi Medical Devices Co. L.L.CMEDECO® INJECT AD 0.5 ml
E008/007AD syringe 0.5mlHindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd.Kojak Selinge 0.5ml
E008/013AD syringe 0.5mlBecton DickinsonAD SoloShot TM IX 0.5ml
E008/019AD syringe 0.5mlPT Oneject IndonesiaK1 OneJect AD 0.5ml
E008/020AD syringe 0.5mlWuxi Yushou Medical Appliances Co., LtdYushou® AD syringe 0.5ml
E008/025Retractable AD syringe 0.5mlRetractable Technologies, Inc.Vanishpoint® Retractable AD syringe 0.5ml
E008/026AD syringe 0.5mlVietnam Medical Equipment CorporationAD syringe 0.5ml K1
E008/030AD syringe 0.05 mlPT Oneject IndonesiaK1 Oneject 0.05 ml
E008/032AD syringe 0.1mlWuxi Yushou Medical Appliances Co., LtdYUSHOU® AD syringe 0.1ml
E008/033AD syringe 0.05mlWuxi Yushou Medical Appliances Co., LtdYushou® AD syringe 0.05ml
E008/034AD syringe 0.5 mlMitra Rajawali Banjaran, PTAD syringe 0.5 ml SKIFA
E008/035AD syringe 0.5mlBecton DickinsonAuto-disable syringe 0.5ml BD SoloShot™ Mini
E008/036AD syringe 0.1mlBecton DickinsonAD syringe 0.1ml BD SoloShot™ Mini
E008/037AD syringe 0.05mlBecton DickinsonAD syringe 0.05ml BD SoloShot™ Mini
E008/039AD syringe 0.5 mlHindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd.KOJAK SELINGE 0.5ml
E008/040AD Syringe 0.5mlRevital Healthcare Ltd.AD Syringe 0.5ml
E008/041AD syringe 0.5mlAnhui Tiankang Medical Technology Co., LtdAD syringe 0.5ml
E008/043AD syringe 0.5mlJiangxi Sanxin Medtec Co.,LtdAD syringe 0.5ml
E008/045AD syringe 0.1mlHindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd.Kojak AD syringe 0.1ml
E008/048AD syringe 0.5mlAMSON VACCINES & PHARMA (PVT) LTD.Apple K1 AD syringe
E008/050single-use auto-disable needle-free jet injectorPharmaJet, Inc.Pharmajet Stratis®
E008/049AD syringe 0.1mlJiangxi Sanxin Medtec Co.,LtdYi Xin 0.1ml
E008/053AD syringe 0.5mlPT Oneject IndonesiaOnejectII 0.5 ml AD syringe
E008/052AD syringe 0.05mlPT Oneject IndonesiaOnejectII 0.05ml AD syringe
E008/051AD syringe 0.5mlJMI Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd.JMI AD syringe 0.5ml
E008/056Retractable AD syringe 0.5mlGuangdong Haiou Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd Haiou Retractable auto disable syringe 0.5ml
E008/057AD syringe 0.05mlAnhui Tiankang Medical Technology Co., LtdAD syringe 0.05ml
E008/055Retractable AD syringe 0.25mlSafegard Medical (Hungary) KftSafegard retractable safety syringe 0.25ml
E008/058AD syringe 0.25mlAnhui Tiankang Medical Technology Co., LtdAuto-disable syringe 0.25ml
E008/060AD syringe 0.5mlAMSON VACCINES & PHARMA (PVT) LTD.Destroject 0.5ml AD (1000) syringe
E008/066AD syringe 0.5mlAl Shifa Medical Syringe MFG.Co.Ramy AD syringe 0.5ml
E008/061AD syringe 0.5 mLMK LimitedSingle-jet AD syringe 0.5 mL
E008/062AD syringe 0.5mLHELM MEDICAL GMBHHelmject® AD syringe 0.5mL
E008/063AD syringe 0.05mLHELM MEDICAL GMBHHelmject® Ad syringe 0.05mL
E008/064AD syringe 0.1mLHELM MEDICAL GMBHHelmject® AD syringe 0.1mL
E008/065AD Syringe 0.1 mLPT Oneject IndonesiaOneject II AD Syringe 0.1 mL
E008/068Retractabale 0.05ml Auto Disable SyringeGuangdong Haiou Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd Haiou Retractable auto disable syringe 0.05ml
E008/700.1ml AD BCG syringeAbu Dhabi Medical Devices Co. L.L.CMEDECO INJECT AD 0.1ml BCG
E008/0690.05mlAD BCG syringeAbu Dhabi Medical Devices Co. L.L.CMEDECO INJECT AD 0.05ml BCG
E008/071Single Use auto-disable needle-free jet injectorPharmaJet, Inc.PharmaJet® Tropis®
E008/1220.1ml AD syringeJiangxi Hongda Medical Equipment Group LtdHongda 0.1ml AD syringe
E008/1230.5ml AD syringeJiangxi Hongda Medical Equipment Group LtdHongda 0.5ml AD syringe