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Category E006 Temperature monitoring devices performance specifications and verification protocols

This category relates to products for the temperature storage monitoring.  The page gives access to all prequalified products from that category and PQS data sheets for each product can be downloaded.

A search of a particular product can be done using the category product search link. All performance specifications and verification protocols of that category can be accessed through the category documentation link.

PQS E006 temperature monitoring devices section became active on 1 October 2007.  With the closing of transition period for prequalification application of PIS listed equipment and devices on 30 September 2007, only products listed in the PQS catalogue are considered as suitable for UN procurement. Currently 13 sub-categories of temperature monitoring devices have been selected as follows

1.      Acoustic and/or visual alarm units (AL01)

2.      Cold Chain Monitor (IN02)

3.      Irreversible freeze indicator (IN03)

4.      Vaccine Vial Monitor (IN05)

5.      Portable electronic thermometer (TH01)

6.      Fixed gas or vapour pressure dial thermometer (TH02)

7.      Portable alcohol stem thermometer (TH03)

8.      Integrated electronic thermometer, with or without alarm function, for vaccine refrigerators and freezers (TH06)

9.      Programmable electronic temperature and event logger systems with integral alarm and auto-dialer options (TR03)

10.  Wall-mounted pen recording thermometer (TR04)

11.  User programmable temperature data loggers (TR05)

12.  30-day electronic refrigerator temperature logger (TR06)

13.  Electronic shipping indicators (TR07)



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ProductDescriptionCompanyStatusNext review 
E006/012Dial thermometerRUEGER SApre-qualified01/05/2015
E006/001Vaccine Vial MonitorTemptime Corporationpre-qualified01/05/2015
E006/002Electronic shipping indicator Q-tag2 plusBerlinger & Co. AGpre-qualified01/05/2015
E006/00330-day electronic temperature loggerBerlinger & Co. AGpre-qualified01/05/2015
E006/004Cold chain monitorBerlinger & Co. AGpre-qualified01/05/2015
E006/006User prg temperature data loggerLogtag Recorders Limitedpre-qualified01/05/2015
E006/007Electronic freeze indicatorBerlinger & Co. AGpre-qualified01/05/2015
E006/009Electronic freeze indicatorSensitech Inc.pre-qualified01/05/2015
E006/010Electronic shipping indicatorSensitech Inc.pre-qualified01/05/2015
E006/01330-day electronic temperature loggerLogtag Recorders Limitedpre-qualified01/05/2015
E006/014Electronic shipping indicator Q-Tag ClmBerlinger & Co. AGpre-qualified01/05/2015
E006/015Electronic freeze indicator Q-Tag QuadBerlinger & Co. AGpre-qualified01/05/2015
E006/016Electronic shipping indicator Q-Tag Clm DocBerlinger & Co. AGpre-qualified01/05/2015
E006/019Remote Temperature Monitoring DeviceBerlinger & Co. AGpre-qualified01/05/2015
E006/02030 day electronic temperature loggerBerlinger & Co. AGpre-qualified01/05/2015
E006/02120 day electronic shipping indicatorLogtag Recorders Limitedpre-qualified01/05/2015
E006/024User programmable temperature data logger Ti1ELPRO-BUCHS AGpre-qualified01/05/2015
E006/022User programmable temperature data logger CBELPRO-BUCHS AGpre-qualified01/05/2015
E006/023User programmable temperature data logger CSELPRO-BUCHS AGpre-qualified01/05/2015
E006/025Remote Temperature Monitoring DeviceBeyond Wireless Technology (Pty) Ltdpre-qualified01/05/2015
E006/026User Programmable Data LoggerDeltaTrak Inc.pre-qualified01/05/2015
E006/027User Programmable Data LoggerELPRO-BUCHS AGpre-qualified01/05/2015
E006/028User programmable temperature data logger Sensitech Inc.pre-qualified01/05/2015
E006/02920 day electronic shipping indicatorSensitech Inc.pre-qualified01/05/2016