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Before a product or device can be added to the PQS database, it must be tested. Verification establishes whether a specific product from a specific manufacturer satisfies the requirements of the relevant PQS performance specification. There are three distinct methods:

  • Type-examination.
  • Independent type-testing.
  • Full Quality Assurance.

An accredited testing laboratory is an organization that can perform one or more of the functions outlined above. In addition it must be able to demonstrate its competency by conforming to appropriate internationally or nationally accepted standards or codes of practice and must be able to show to a competent third-party accreditation body that it does so; usually by peer assessment.

All independent type-testing must be carried out by an accredited testing laboratory. In addition accredited testing laboratories may sometimes be employed to carry out type-examination or full quality assurance of PQS products.

PQS Lab Report Template

Lisaline Lifescience Technologies PVT. LTDIndiaaccredited
Micom Laboratories INC.Canadaaccredited
Next Breath LLCUnited Statesaccredited
CEMAFROID SASFranceaccredited
Tektronix Service SolutionsUnited Statesaccredited
CHEARIChina; People's Republic ofaccredited
Danish Technological InstituteDenmarkaccredited
Intertek IndiaIndiaaccredited
Intertek UKUnited Kingdomaccredited
Nemko GmbH & Co. KGGermanyaccredited
TUV SUD PSB Pte LtdSingaporeaccredited