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E005: Coolant-packs

The products in this category relate to coolant-packs. Points for consideration when selecting coolant-packs are summarized in the PQS Catalogue. A list of prequalified products in this category is provided below. Links to the relevant PQS data sheet are also provided.

Manufacturers wishing to prequalify products in this category should contact the PQS Secretariat (, noting that new applications must follow procedures described in the Guideline for manufacturers of insulated containers and coolant packs type water-packs.

Search for products using the Category Product Search link below. Guidelines, performance specifications, and verification protocols can be accessed through the Category Documentation link.

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ProductDescriptionCompanyMfr reference  
E005/001Water-pack 0.6LB Medical Systems Sarl Bmedical WP 0.6L
E005/002Water-pack 0.3LB Medical Systems Sarl Bmedical WP 0.3L
E005/006Water-pack 0.6LAOV International LLPAIP-6
E005/005Water-pack 0.4 LAOV International LLPAIP-4
E005/004Water-pack 0.3 LAOV International LLPAIP-3
E005/007Water-pack 0.3LApex InternationalAIIP-03
E005/008Water-pack 0.4LApex InternationalAIIP-0.4
E005/009Water-pack 0.6 LApex InternationalAIIP-06
E005/010Water-pack 0.3 LBlowkingsBK-V4H
E005/011water-pack 0.4LBlowkingsBK-4
E005/012Water-pack 0.6LBlowkingsBK-6
E005/013Water-pack 0.3L T2Nilkamal LimitedBIP-3
E005/014Water-pack 0.4LNilkamal LimitedBIP-4
E005/015Water-pack 0.6LNilkamal LimitedBIP-6
E005/019Water-pack 0.4 LGiostyle SpAWater-pack 0.4 L
E005/022 Ice Pack 0.4LQingdao Leff International Trading Co LtdWP-0.4L
E005/020 Ice Pack 0.3LQingdao Leff International Trading Co LtdWP-0.3L
E005/021Water pack 0.6LQingdao Leff International Trading Co LtdFeihong WP-0.3L