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Category E005 Coolant-packs


This category relates to two types of coolant packs, waterpacks and packs containing other phase change materials:

  • Type 1: water-packs: ice-packs, cool-packs and warm-packs
  • Type 2: packs containing other Phase Change Material (PCM)

The page gives access to all prequalified products from that category and PQS data sheets for each product can be downloaded.

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The performance specifications and verification protocols for E005 category coolant packs type water-packs (ice-packs, cool-packs and warm-packs) were approved by the PQS Steering Group on 8 December 2008. A first revision was completed and approved on 18 June 2010. With this approval, all E005 products that are listed in the PIS 2000 edition (and new items added to the PIS since publication of 2000 edition) are subjected to a new review based on PQS procedures as described in "A guideline for manufacturers of insulated containers, ice-packs, cool-packs and warm-packs (WHO/PQS/E04-E05/GUIDE.1.3)". The PIS list of products for E004 and E005 is now considered invalid and replaced by the current published PQS list. Effective 8 December 2008, all new applications for water-packs must follow PQS procedures.

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ProductDescriptionCompanyStatusNext review 
E005/001Water-pack 0.6LDometic Group SARLpre-qualified01/05/2015
E005/002Water-pack 0.3LDometic Group SARLpre-qualified01/05/2015
E005/006Water-pack 0.6LAOV Internationalpre-qualified01/05/2015
E005/005Water-pack 0.4 LAOV Internationalpre-qualified01/05/2015
E005/004Water-pack 0.3 LAOV Internationalpre-qualified01/05/2015
E005/007Water-pack 0.3LApex Internationalpre-qualified01/05/2015
E005/008Water-pack 0.4LApex Internationalpre-qualified01/05/2015
E005/009Water-pack 0.6 LApex Internationalpre-qualified01/05/2015
E005/010Water-pack 0.3 LBlowkingspre-qualified01/05/2015
E005/011water-pack 0.4LBlowkingspre-qualified01/05/2015
E005/012Water-pack 0.6LBlowkingspre-qualified01/05/2015
E005/013Water-pack 0.3L T2Nilkamal Limitedpre-qualified01/05/2015
E005/014Water-pack 0.4LNilkamal Limitedpre-qualified01/05/2015
E005/015Water-pack 0.6LNilkamal Limitedpre-qualified01/05/2015
E005/017Waterpack 0.3LXinxiang Dengke cold chain equipment Co., Ltdpre-qualified01/05/2015
E005/018Waterpack 0.4LXinxiang Dengke cold chain equipment Co., Ltdpre-qualified01/05/2015
E005/019Water-pack 0.4 LColombo Smart Plastic S.p.Apre-qualified01/05/2015