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The National Health Workforce Accounts (NHWA) is a system by which countries progressively improve the availability, quality, and use of data on health workforce through monitoring of a set of indicators to support achievement of Universal Health Coverage, Sustainable Development Goals and other health objectives.

Data on the national health workforce is a pre-requisite for evidence-informed policy making and planning. Many countries and sub-national authorities face challenges in compiling a comprehensive account of the HRH situation; the information is often unstandardized and dispersed across institutions, with incomparable infrastructure and capacity constraints (especially in data collection and utilization). Amid these challenges future health and social protection systems are evolving, demanding new, intelligent responses to drive efficiency and improve outcomes.

Global Strategy on HRH: Workforce 2030 (GSHRH) adopted by the 69th World Health Assembly (WHA 69.19), May 2016, “urges all Member States to[…]progressively implement the National Health Workforce Accounts”. Both, the High-Level Commission on Health Employment & Economic Growth (ComHEEG) and the UN General Assembly resolution (A/RES/71/159) adopted in December 2016, support the implementation of NHWA.

The data presented in the WHO NHWA data portal are processed data extracts of the national reporting in the National Health Workforce Accounts data platform. Complementing the national reporting, additional sources such as the National Census, Labour Force Surveys and key administrative national and regional sources are also employed.

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