The Data Design Language is a living system, designed to evolve over time. Its initial architecture and approach was defined by a round of domain experts, designers and system architects to provide a lasting foundation for WHO data communications. The design process was informed by extensive user consultations and research, as well as consultations with leading experts from involved fields.
Version 0.9.2
Last updated 2023-04-14
Contact whdh@who.int


Project leads
  • Matt Hollidge
  • Moritz Stefaner
WHO leads
  • Jean-François Saint-Pierre
  • Philippe Boucher
  • Alice Thudt
  • Christian Laesser
  • Philippe Rivière
  • Sarah Fossheim
  • Maarten Lambrechts
  • Mathias Schäfer
  • Leif Rothbrust
  • Philipp Doll
  • Fred Wheeler
  • Yaseed Chaumoo
  • Juls Hollidge
Thanks for advice, support and feedback to
  • Alan Wilson
  • Arvind Satyanarayan
  • Amanda Makulec
  • Dominik Moritz
  • Flavio Gortana
  • Jeff Heer
  • Jon Schwabish
  • Lynn Cherny
  • Max Roser
  • Maxene Graze
  • WHO staff