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What are the current states of indicators contributing to a comprehensive view of nutrition for health and development in Cameroon? See national data below.

Child Malnutrition

Child (<5 y) Anthropometry
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Indicator Year Value Source Info
% Low birthweight (<2500 g)help 2006 11.0 View

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

Indicator Year Value Source Info
% Anaemia children <5 y (Hb <110 g/L)help 2004 68.3 View
% Anaemia pregnant women (Hb <110 g/L)help 2004 50.9 View
% Clinical vitamin A deficiency in women(history of night blindness during most recent pregnancy)help 2004 6.0 View
% Subclinical vitamin A deficiency in preschool-age children (serum/plasma retinol <0.70 μmol/L)help 2000 38.8 View
Median urinary iodine concentration (μg/L) in children 6-12 yhelp 2002 190.0 View

Health Services

Indicator Year Value Source Info
% Births attended by skilled health personnelhelp 2011 63.6 View
% Children 6-59 months receiving vitamin A supplements (dose 1)help 2012 88.0 View
% Children 6-59 months receiving vitamin A supplements (dose 2)help 2012 91.0 View
% Children aged 1 y immunized against measleshelp 2013 83.0 View
% Children with diarrhoea who received zinchelp   no data  
% Population using an improved sanitation facilityhelp 2012 45.0 View
% Population using improved drinking water sourceshelp 2012 74.0 View
% Women receiving iron and folate supplements during pregnancyhelp   no data  

Food Security

Indicator Year Value Source Info
% Population below $1 per dayhelp 2007 9.6 View
% Population below minimum level of dietary energy consumptionhelp 2011 15.7 View
Iodised salt consumption (% households consuming adequately iodised salt - 15 parts per million or more)help 2006 11.0 View
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Malnutrition in Women

Female malnutrition based on BMI
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Caring Practices

Indicator Year Value Source Info
% children 0-23 months who were put to the breast within 1 hour of birthhelp 2006 19.6 View
% Infants 6-8 months age who receive solid, semi-solid or soft foodshelp   no data  
% children 6-23 months who receive a minimum acceptable diethelp   no data  
% Children <5 y with diarrhoea receiving ORT and continued feedinghelp 2011 46.5 View
% Women 15-19 y who are mothers or pregnant with their first childhelp 2004 28.4 View
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Indicator Year Value Source Info
General government expenditure on health as % of total government expenditurehelp 2012 8.5 View
Total expenditure on health as % of gross domestic producthelp 2012 5.1 View
Per capita total expenditure on health (US$)help 2012 120.2 View
Nutrition component of the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF)help 2008-2012 Medium View
Nutrition component of Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP)help 2008 Weak View
Nutrition Governancehelp 2009 Medium View
Maternity leavehelp 2009 14 weeks View
Monitoring and enforcement of the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substituteshelp 2007 Yes View


Indicator Year Value Source Info
Degree training in nutrition existshelp   no data  
Nutrition is part of medical curriculahelp   no data  
Number of trained nutrition professionals per 100,000 populationhelp   no data  
Nursing and midwifery personnel density per 1,000 populationhelp 2009 0.4 View
GDP per capita (PPP US$)help 2011 2,383 View
GDP per capita annual growth rate (%)help 2011 1.6 View
Official development assistance (ODA) received (net disbursements) (% of GNI)help 2010 2.4 View
Low-Income Food-Deficit Country (LIFDC)help 2012 Yes View


Indicator Year Value Source Info
% Seats held by women in national parliamenthelp 2013 13.9 View
Averaged aggregate governance indicatorshelp 2010 -0.88 View
Gender Inequality Index (GII)help 2012 0.628 View
Gender Parity Index in primary level enrolment (ratio of girls to boys)help 2011 0.87 View
Global Hunger Indexhelp 2013 14.5 View
Human development index (HDI) valuehelp 2012 0.495 View
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Female Education Levels<br/>2004
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