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WHO Collaborating Centres Portal

This portal is only to be used by institutions which are currently a WHO collaborating centre, or by institutions for which a WHO Department has put forward a proposal for designation and are currently under consideration. Username and password are required.

Two actions are possible by using this portal:
- Submission of the re/designation form at the occasion of the original designation or redesignation;
- Submission of annual progress reports, once a year at the anniversary of the date of re/designation.


1. Enter the reference number of your WHO collaborating centre and press "Search";
2. Check whether you have indeed selected the correct WHO collaborating centre;
3. Act on any outstanding action in your worklist (i.e. completing a re/designation form or annual report, as appropriate).

** Most browsers are compatible with our platform however Internet Explorer is highly recommended.
Emptying your browser's cache before entering the form is also suggested.

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