The WHO Collaborating Centres (CCs) Database

The WHO Collaborating Centres (CCs) Database is the official source of information about the WHO Collaborating Centres worldwide.

CCs is updated on a daily basis and it contains the following information:
  • Title of the CC
  • Name of the exact subdivision of the institution that has been designated, its address, phone and email
  • Name of the head or director of the CC (who may or may not be the same as the director of the entire institution)
  • Date of original designation, date of last redesignation (if any), date of expiry of current designation;
  • Who initiated the proposal for designation of that CC (either headquarters or one of the regional offices)
  • Subject of work of the CC
  • Name of the responsible officer and counterpart
  • Terms of reference of the CC

CCs may work irrespectively with one or more regional offices and/or headquarters and/or country offices.

This said, each CC has a WHO Staff Member identified as the "responsible officer", who acts as main focal point in the coordination of the work with that CC. The responsible officer may be located in headquarters or in a regional office.

Each CC also has a "technical counterpart", who is another WHO Staff Member working in the same subjects than the responsible officer (but not necessarily with the CC), in the regional office where the WHO CC is located (if the responsible officer is in headquarters) or in headquarters (if the responsible officer is in a regional office).

"Title" is the official title given to the CC, e.g. "WHO Collaborating Centre for Occupational Health".
You can also search by keywords in the terms of reference of the CCs, e.g. "malaria", or by the main area of work using "Subjects" and selecting one of the terms of the drop down list.

An "active" status means that the institution is within its four years of designation. A "pending" status means that the period of designation has expired without a formal redesignation being approved. Status "discontinued" means that the institution is no longer a CC. If you do not make any selection in "status", the search function will show you all cases with an active or pending status.

WHO regional offices:
  • WHO African Region (AFRO)
  • WHO Region of the Americas (AMRO-PAHO)
  • WHO South-East Asia Region (SEARO)
  • WHO European Region (EURO)
  • WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO)
  • WHO Western Pacific Region (WPRO)
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