WHO Collaborating Centres
Global database
Version 1.5
WHO Collaborating Centres Database & Portal

1. The WHO Collaborating Centres Database is the official source of information about the WHO collaborating centres worldwide. Press the tab "Search" to browse the database, or the tab "Reports" to obtain reports from the database.

2. The WHO Collaborating Centres Portal, which can be accessed by pressing the tab "Portal" above this text, is used by institutions which are currently a WHO collaborating centre, or by institutions for which a WHO Department has put forward a proposal for designation and are currently under consideration. Username and password are required.

Please note that spontaneous applications are not accepted. All CCs are designated by the initiative of a WHO Department after successful completion of several years of collaboration with WHO in carrying out jointly planned activities. This means that WHO only considers for designation institutions with a long and solid history of contribution to WHO programme activities.

More information
For more information on WHO Collaborating Centres: http://www.who.int/collaboratingcentres/en/.