Global Health Expenditure Database


SCI_cp_US The Global Health Expenditure Database (GHED) provides comparable data on health expenditure for 192 countries over the past 20 years. Health spending indicators are key guides for monitoring resource, provision of transparency and supporting the accountability of health fynansing systems. The present time series, from 2000 to 2019, up to the COVID-19 pandemic period, provide a basis for assessing future changes in health systems. They also support the goal of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by helping monitor the availability of resources for health. The published data stimulate further research and discussion of health policy at the global, regional and national levels, as well as improving the data availability and quality. The database is open access and contributes to a better understanding of:

  • How much do countries spend on health?
  • How much do government, insurance companies, households and donors contribute to health spending?
  • How much money is spent on primary health care (PHC)?
  • How much is spent on specific health services?
  • How much money is spent to fight different diseases and conditions?

WHO works collaboratively with Member States and updates the data base (Explore the Data) annually using available information such as health accounts data, government expenditure records and official statistics. Where necessary, modifications and estimates are made to ensure the comprehensiveness and consistency of the data across countries and years.

Alongside the data, we are also pleased to announce the update of individual country profiles. In the documentation center, you will find the December 2021 country release note, as well as complimentary technical notes, methodology guidelines, global, regional and country reports on health expenditure, metadata documentation, and the data availability information.

Together with the data publication, we also released the annual report “Global Expenditure on Health: Public Spending on the Rise?”. This new report examines country health spending patterns and trends over the past 20 years, before the COVID-19 pandemic, with greater focus on public spending on health. The report also presents spending on primary health care, preliminary health expenditure in 2020 for a small set of countries (including their health spending on COVID-19) and an analysis of high income countries spending patterns, in particular during the global financial crisis. The report also points out the need for more public investment in health to get progress towards UHC back on track and strong health security.

We renew our commitment to work closely with countries and partners to advocate the global health expenditure database as a global public good; evidence-informed policy making processes, and promote transparency and accountability among stakeholders on the road to UHC and health security.