Guidelines for Drug Donation To Nepal
(2003; 3 pages)


The Guideline is approved by Government of Nepal on 2060.5.25 (11 Sept. 2003).

Drug Act was promulgated in Nepal in 1978 with the main objective of making safe, effective and quality medicines available to all in affordable price. Medicines available via commercial channel are required to comply these requirements. However, many consignments of donated drugs do not comply with the national requirements. This guideline has been issued to receive the drugs needed and avoid receiving drugs that are unsolicited, so that the donor's desire to help in need is fulfilled and scarce resource is not wasted in total, logistic and disposal management of unsolicited supplies. The guideline is adopted from 'Guidelines for Drug Donations, second edition, 1999' published by WHO (WHO/EDM/PAR/99.4). Necessary changes have been made to suit local situation.

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