Towards Realizing Access to Essential Medicines for All : A Vision for 2035. The Lancet Youth Commission on Essential Medicines Policies (YCEMP) - Report
(2016; 73 pages)


The Lancet Youth Commission on Essential Medicines Policies (YCEMP) was convened in March 2015 after a group students from the student organisation Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM) proposed to examine essential medicines policies from a youth perspective. YCEMP, established through a transparent and open process, is comprised of 17 young professionals from 15 different countries, representing every region in the world.

YCEMP argue that if essential drugs are not made available to all people in need, the essential medicines concept does not realise its full potential. Although limitations in accessing medicines have received attention from a variety of actors and institutions for decades, many essential medicines are still not available, affordable or accessible for all those in need. New approaches are required: the current system is inadequate, and fundamentally new models of medicine creation, production and distribution are needed.

YCEMP seeks to ensure that deliberations around, and measures proposed for, improved essential medicines policies through the Sustainable Development Agenda and the UNHLP are not strongly bound to existing institutions and practices. YCEMP vision for 2035 exceeds temporary solutions to existing agreements and practices, and involves new health innovation and medicines delivery systems that, above all, responds to public health needs.

Through this document, YCEMP advance a more novel agenda, and explore methods through which access to essential medicines can be secured for all.

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