Medicine Prices, Availability, Affordability in Kyrgyz Republic. Report of a survey conducted September to October 2015
(2015; 36 pages)


To further improve the healthcare system, Kyrgyzstan is willing to continue the reforms initiated for ensuring equal access to healthcare services. In line with this commitment, the main goal of the survey was to collect accurate data on prices, availability of selected drugs in public and private sectors, affordability of standard treatment course, data evaluation and development of approaches for improving medicines availability amongst population, if necessary.

The survey on price measurement and availability was conducted in seven administrative regions of Kyrgyzstan: region 1 - capital Bishkek, region 2 – Chuy oblast, region 3 – Issyk-Kul oblast, region 4 – Naryn oblast and region 5 – Jalal-Abad oblast, region 6 – Osh oblast, region 7 – Talas oblast. The survey was predominantly undertaken in private sector due to an absence of public pharmaceutical sector outside of hospitals. Based on random sampling method, 5 private medicine outlets were identified in each surveyed region for visiting and collecting data. Overall, 35 private medicine outlets were selected for obtaining consumer prices. Data on procurement prices of medicines were obtained from 7 health facilities in the public sector. During the survey, information on prices and availability of 44 medicines was collected, which included both the originator brands and lowest-priced generics. Prices on medicines, identified during the survey, were expressed as ratio of standard set of international reference prices called median price ratio (MPR). The international reference prices were obtained from the “International Price Guide Indicator” published annually by non-governmental organization Management Sciences for Health (MSH 2014).

The price affordability of treatment was estimated as number of paid working days necessary for purchasing medicines for a treatment course of most common acute and chronic conditions, assuming a daily wage of unskilled public sector worker with the lowest wage.

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