Using Health Technology Assessment for Universal Health Coverage and Reimbursement Systems. 2-3 November 2015
(2015; 22 pages)


A two day meeting was held to discuss the use of health technology assessment (HTA) for universal health coverage and reimbursement, as a follow-up to a small consultation held in July 2015 (web address). The meeting brought together experts in HTA and pharmaceutical economics from academia; representatives from many countries that are using HTA in different ways as well as representatives from agencies and international organisations. (Annex 1). The aims of the meeting were to:

  1. Provide an overview of the progress towards the WHA resolution from WHO’s perspective
  2. Establish the role of WHO in the global HTA landscape in terms of technical and process guidance
  3. Gain consensus on how to move the HTA agenda forward in a cohesive manner

A number of areas of WHO work were presented to participants at the meeting. These included: the results of a global survey of Member States, assessing their current capacity, activities and needs with respect to health technology assessment; a brief description of some of the WHO normative guidance that contribute to health technology assessment in countries; and work on priority setting and cost effectiveness thresholds. The experience of the PAHO region with respect to capacity development in HTA was also provided.

Participants from different countries presented national needs with respect to development of health technology assessment, as well as short summaries of how existing systems in countries including Brazil, Estonia, New Zealand and Norway (as examples of different approaches to using HTA) have evolved. A review of the approach of countries in the OECD to using HTA was also provided. Country profiles that had been developed by WHO were provided as drafts to be used as a basis for possible further work on guidance for systems that want to use HTA in decision making...

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