Self-medication with Drugs and Complementary and Alternative Medicines in Alexandria, Egypt: Prevalence, Patterns and Determinants
(2015; 10 pages)


This study aimed to describe the prevalence, pattern and reasons for self-medication among adults in Alexandria, Egypt. In a community-based survey during 2012, a representative sample of 1100 adults completed a predesigned interview questionnaire on self-medication practices by drugs and complementary or alternative medicines (CAM). A majority of them practised self-medication (86.4%), mostly using both drugs and CAM (77.5%). The most commonly used drugs were analgesics (96.7%), and cough and cold preparations (81.9%), but 53.9% of respondents reported self-medication with antibiotics. The most frequently used CAM were herbs (91.6%), followed by spiritual healing (9.4%) and cupping and acupuncture (6.4%). CAM improved the condition according to 95.2% of users. Logistic regression analysis revealed that age, occupation and the presence of chronic conditions were the independent factors significantly affecting the practice of self-medication with drugs.

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