WHA68.15 - Strengthening Emergency and Essential Surgical Care and Anaesthesia as a Component of Universal Health Coverage. WHA Resolution; Sixty-eighth World Health Assembly, 2015 (Arabic version) تعزيز الرعاية الج ا رحية الطارئة والأساسية والتخدير كعنصر من عناصر التغطية الصحية الشاملة
(2015; 6 pages) [Chinese] [English] [French] [Russian] [Spanish]


REQUESTS the Director-General:


7) to support Member States in the development and implementation of policies and regulations for ensuring access to quality, safe, efficacious and affordable essential medicines, including controlled medicines for pain management, medical devices and diagnostics that are used in emergency and essential surgical care and anaesthesia;

8) to continue, through WHO’s access to controlled medicines programme, to support Member States in reviewing and improving national legislation and policies with the objective of ensuring a balance between the prevention of misuse, diversion and trafficking of controlled substances and appropriate access to controlled medicines, in line with United Nations international drug control conventions;

9) to work with the International Narcotics Control Board, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, health ministries and other relevant authorities at global, regional and national levels in order to promote the availability and balanced control of controlled medicines for essential and emergency surgical care and anaesthesia;

10) to further cooperate with the International Narcotics Control Board to support Member States in establishing accurate estimates in order to enable the availability of medicines for emergency and essential and surgical care and anaesthesia, including through better implementation of the guidance on estimating requirements for substances under international control;...

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