Emerging Trends in Supply Chain Management: Outsourcing Public Health Logistics in Developing Countries
(2010; 58 pages)


This paper examines the potential opportunity for public sector health systems to engage third party service providers to support the logistics functions—with an emphasis on distribution, warehousing, and inventory management. It provides stakeholders in supply chain management for public sector health, including the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Finance officials, program managers, and Central Medical Store managers (or associated parastatal organizations charged with health product management) with a resource that describes outsourcing and how it could be used in public health supply chains, when to consider outsourcing, the process of deciding whether outsourcing is a viable option in a particular context, and how to begin the outsourcing process. These points are illustrated by a few country examples of how countries have engaged the private sector in providing the logistics function to support their public sector supply chains.

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