The Access to Medicine Index 2014
(2014; 225 pages)


Every two years, the Access to Medicine Index analyses the top 20 research-based pharmaceutical companies and ranks them according to their efforts to improve access to medicine in developing countries. A total of 95 indicators make up a framework within which company performances relating to 47 high-burden diseases in 106 developing countries can be compared. The Index analysis brings out best practices and examples, highlights areas where progress has been made and areas where critical action is required. The Index also acts as a benchmark where companies can compare their own contributions to improving access to medicine with their peers. While companies are held to a single standard, they are different in the way they operate and in their portfolio of investigational and marketed products. The Index is a relative ranking: scores cannot be directly compared between Indices.

Refinements to the methodology have brought additional Latin American countries, including Brazil, into the Index’s scope in 2014, as well as additional diseases, including mental health disorders and hepatitis C. The focus of the pricing analysis has shifted: it now only captures pricing strategies that explicitly take affordability into account. The 2014 Index also expanded its analysis of company breaches of codes of conduct or laws on ethical marketing, lobbying, corruption, bribery or anti-competitive behaviour to measure breaches worldwide.

This report outlines the key findings and overall ranking analysis of the 2014 Access to Medicine Index before presenting a detailed analysis of company performances and rankings in each of the seven areas of corporate activity the Index focuses on. The report concludes with detailed, tailored company report cards. These explain each company’s rank in the Index by providing a contextualised analysis of company access-to-medicine performance, relevant product portfolio and pipeline, and by highlighting industry-leading practices and companyspecific opportunities to improve access to medicine.

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