Technical Consultation: Strategies for Global Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistance. Meeting Report, 8–19 December 2012
(2013; 29 pages)


The scope of the meeting was to review and identify the objectives, needs, gaps, priorities and next steps for improving global surveillance of antibacterial resistance, and to explore opportunities for collaboration.

The development and implementation of effective policies and strategies to combat AMR requires a comprehensive understanding of the prevalence of such resistance, and the factors that drive its development and spread.

There is a need for AMR surveillance that:

  • increases our understanding of the extent and distribution of AMR, the scale of the human disease and economic burden, and the relatedness between AMR in humans and animals;
  • operates to agreed standards, provides timely global reporting on the current state of AMR, and permits monitoring of the effectiveness of interventions to combat or limit AMR.

The focus for this meeting was surveillance of antibacterial resistance, because there is an acknowledged lack in this area compared to other pathogens such as viruses and parasites.

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