Access to Antiretroviral Drugs in Low- and Middle-income Countries: Technical Report, July 2014
(2014; 44 pages)


In this report we examine global trends in ARV prices and assess how WHO treatment guidelines have influenced the uptake of different ARV formulations. We describe the current constraints limiting the use of second-line and third-line treatments and paediatric treatment, and we explore how the quality of ARVs can be secured and in-country distribution can be improved.

This report has been compiled using country-level data reported to WHO on the procurement of ART via the Global Procurement Reporting Mechanism (GPRM), the WHO database on the regulatory status of ART, reports on the production capacity for the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) of ARVs, the annual WHO surveys on the use of ART, the Global AIDS Response Progress Report data, the Global Update on the Health Sector Response to HIV 2014, as well as contributions from countries and major stakeholders involved in ART access.

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