Effective Management of Medicines. Report of the South-East Asia Regional Consultation Bangkok, Thailand, 23–26 April 2013
(2013; 84 pages)


General goal: To improve the availability and safe use of good quality essential medicines.

Specific objectives:

  • To review the process of the situational analyses done in countries, and progress made, in order to identify the usefulness of the approach to inform planning and to monitor and evaluate progress.
  • To share experiences in developing/strengthening/coordinating national drug policies and regulations to ensure appropriate availability and use of good quality essential medicines.
  • To discuss constraints and opportunities and identify actions by Member States, WHO, donors and partners for strengthening national drug policies and regulation with specific reference to drug supply, procurement and distribution, rational drug selection and use.
  • To agree on a plan for developing a format to allow countries to undertake situational analyses and monitoring of progress themselves.

Expected outputs:

  • Recommendations on the way forward for the Region with regard to drug supply, drug selection and use, drug regulation and drug policy and coordination, situational analyses.
  • Recommendations for government, WHO and partners in achieving the way forward.
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