International Drug Price Indicator Guide - Guía internacional de indicadores de precios de medicamentos - Indicateur de prix internationaux des médicaments. 2013 Edition
(2014; 351 pages)


The International Drug Price Indicator Guide contains a spectrum of prices from pharmaceutical suppliers, international development organizations, and government agencies. The Guide aims to make price information more widely available in order to improve procurement of medicines of assured quality for the lowest possible price. Comparative price information is important for getting the best price, and this is an essential reference for anyone involved in the procurement of pharmaceuticals.

The 2013 edition of the Guide includes almost 70 new items, in a wide variety of therapeutic classes. This edition of the Guide has prices for nearly 1,200 products.

The Web version of the Guide is posted on the Manager's Electronic Resource Center and contains data from the 1996 edition to the 2013 edition.

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