WHA64.9 - Sustainable Health Financing Structures and Universal Coverage. WHA Resolution; Sixty-fourth World Health Assembly, 2011
(2011; 4 pages) [Arabic] [Chinese] [French] [Russian] [Spanish]


REQUESTS the Director-General:

  1. to convey to the United Nations Secretary-General the importance of universal health coverage for discussion by a forthcoming session of the United Nations General Assembly;
  2. to provide a report on measures taken and progress made in the implementation of resolution WHA58.33, especially in regard to equitable and sustainable health financing and social protection of health in Member States;
  3. to work closely with other United Nations organizations, international development partners, foundations, academia and civil society organizations, in fostering efforts towards achieving universal coverage;
  4. to prepare a plan of action for WHO to support Member States in realizing universal coverage as envisaged by resolution WHA62.12 and The world health report 2010;1
  5. to prepare an estimate of the number of people covered by a basic health insurance that provides access to basic health care and services, that estimate being broken down by country and WHO region;
  6. to provide, in response to requests from Member States, technical support for strengthening capacities and expertise in the development of health-financing systems, particularly equitable prepayment schemes, with a view to achieving universal coverage by providing comprehensive health care and services for all, including strengthening capacity in tracking resource flows through the application of standard accounting frameworks;
  7. to facilitate within existing forums the continuous sharing of experiences and lessons learnt on social health protection and universal coverage;
  8. to report to the Sixty-fifth World Health Assembly and thereafter every three years, through the Executive Board, on the implementation of this resolution, including on outstanding issues raised by Member States during the Sixty-fourth World Health Assembly.
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