Improving Health Outcomes in Zambia. eLMIS: Automated Data for Integrated Health Logistics Management
(2014; 1 page)


Health programs rely on supply chains for adequate quantities and quality of health products for their patients. To meet patient demand and improve health outcomes, Zambia, in collaboration with Tanzania, built an electronic logistics management information system (eLMIS) that includes most major health programs in the country. eLMIS links health facilities with the central store to collect and distribute logistics data in real time. Knowing which medicines are used and which medicines are required helps supply chain managers provide continuity of supply for patients.

The eLMIS will enable a transition from a paper-based system of data management to an electronic format which will foster better, faster, and more accurate reporting of supply chain data, reduce stockouts of health commodities, and ultimately provide better access to medicines to improve health outcomes.

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