Access to Medicine Foundation - Longitudinal Analysis 2010-2012. Changes in Performance of the Research-based Pharmaceutical Industry with Regard to Access to Essential Medicines in 103 Low- and Middleincome Countries
(2014; 11 pages)


Background: Every two years since 2008, the Access to Medicine Index has ranked the top-20 pharmaceutical companies based on their efforts to promote access to priority medicines in developing countries. However, absolute progress over time has never been assessed.

Objectives: To measure changes in company performance with regard to access to medicines and technologies for 33 relevant diseases in 103 low- and middle-income countries.

Methods: A meta-analysis of 16 Access to Medicine indicators from 2010 and 2012 that record company policies, transparency, activities and innovation in six technical areas.

Findings: 17/20 companies show progress in their overall Access to Medicine scores. The mean value of six selected representative Access to Medicine indicators rose from 1.45 to 2.67 (scale 0-5). Relevant research and development efforts by the companies more than doubled. Considerable differences in absolute performance and progress were found between companies.

Interpretation: There is progress in company performance in the areas covered by the selected Access to Medicine indicators. In absolute terms, the highest scores were obtained for access management and corporate philanthropy, and the lowest scores for patent policies and data exclusivity. Several companies with higher relative Access to Medicine rankings in 2012 also show progress in absolute terms. This analysis adds a dynamic perspective to the biennial Access to Medicine ranking and can serve as a baseline for the future.

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