World Health Assembly Debate on Drug Action Programme. Essential Drugs Monitor No. 013 (1992)
(1992; 3 pages)


The thirteenth issue of the Essential Drugs Monitor included a summary of the debate on the World Health Organization’s Revised Drug Strategy: Action Program on Essential Drugs from the 45th World Health Assembly, held in Geneva in May 1992. Director-General Hiroshi Nakajima began the debate by highlighting the achievements made by the Action Programme during the 1990-1991 biennium and mentioning challenges that still need to be addressed. Both developed and developing countries took the floor to join in the debate. Many nations thanked the WHO for its help in developing national policies and expressed concerns about the availability of drugs in developing nations. Specific points made by each country are summarized in the article. One of the key recommendations made at the Assembly was that the Action Programme on Essential Drugs should focus on strengthening its collaboration with governments on formulating and implementing national drug policies. The continued validity of the essential drugs concept as a means to providing safe and effective medicines was reaffirmed in an Assembly resolution. Other resolutions from the Assembly related to drugs include the WHO Ethical Criteria for Medicinal Drug Promotion, the WHO Action Programme on Essential Drugs, a resolution on harmonizing drug regulations, and proposed guidelines for the WHO Certification Scheme on the Quality of Pharmaceutical Products moving in international commerce. These four resolutions are summarized at the end of the article. (Abstract by Flannery Bowman)

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