The Drug Information Cascade: Making It More Effective in Daily Practice. Essential Drugs Monitor No. 015 (1993)
(1993; 1 page)


Andrew Herxheimer gives his opinion on the need to improve the flow of information between doctors, pharmacists and patients in order to establish more satisfactory health services. Information reaches professionals through international, national and local publications; The Lancet, Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin, and district formularies are examples of such publications. Herxheimer proposes four steps to continue the flow of information at this level to the public. The steps highlight a need for increased vetting of drug information, collaboration between levels of information, and integration of necessary information into everyday practice. Following these steps, the cascade should extend to users and potential users of health services through education and increased availability of drug information. He mentions that in the United Kingdom there will be informational leaflets accompanying all medicines. This and other initiatives are necessary to educate consumers about dosage, side effects and other pertinent health information. The article concludes with a call to action for countries to develop national policies to improve the information cascade.

Abstract written by M. Tobin, 2013

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