Essential Drugs Monitor No. 013 (1992)
(1992; 20 pages) [French] [Spanish]


This issue of the Essential Drugs Monitor focuses on the increasing collaboration and globalization in the world of essential medicines. The Monitor includes various news stories and articles regarding cooperation and discussion between different nations on issues including national policies, drug information, and essential drugs programmes. Several international meetings and workshops are described in this issue, such as the Asia-Pacific Workshop on Pharmaceuticals for Health Ministry Officials held in Colombo, Sri Lanka from 8-12 June 1992 and the first course in effective drug management and rational use at the Robert Gordon Institute of Technology in Aberdeen, Scotland. One of the major articles in this issue describes the debate on various issues surrounding drugs at the 45th World Health Assembly, held in Geneva in May 1992. Much of the debate focused on the achievements of the World Health Organization Action Programme on Essential Drugs (DAP) and problems of drug accessibility and availability. This article summarizes major points made by various country delegates and drug related resolutions proposed by the Assembly. Key recommendations from the debate are to improve access to medicines in the developing world and to continue the DAP’s work with Member States on creating national drug policies. Another major article is dedicated to a regional meeting that took place between 50 senior policy makers and technical experts from 15 Latin American countries in Caracas, Venezuela in March 1992. The conference was sponsored by DAP, the Pan American Regional Health Organization/WHO Regional Office for the Americas, and the Ministry of Health of Venezuela. The three-day meeting aimed to identify problems and study the advantages of the essential drugs concept in the area.

This Monitor also includes several articles on the creation and implementation of national drug policies and essential drugs programmes. The major article in this section describes the goals and achievements of the Zimbabwe Essential Drugs Action Programme (ZEDAP) during its first five years and outlines ZEDAP’s hopes for its new five year programme. The creation of Mongolia’s first national drug policy, the implementation of a new programme to promote rational use by children in Australia, and the “looming crisis” in health care in the former Soviet republics are also described in this issue. The Newsdesk features several stories recapping meetings, workshops, and conferences that took place over the past year and highlighting the creation of legislation aimed to improve drug quality. This Monitor also includes an article on safe syringe use and introduces readers to the new DAP guidelines for investigating drug use at the community level.

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