Priority Medicines for Europe and the World 2013 Update (EMP Research Series No. 38)
(2013; 246 pages)


The 2013 Report Priority Medicines for Europe and the World provides a public-health-based medicines development agenda, based on a systematic methodology for this priority setting. It is an update to the original 2004 Report Priority Medicines for Europe and the World and takes into account changes in global health and pharmaceutical innovation since 2004 in order to better address current and future patient needs.

This latest updated report analyses pharmaceutical innovation from a global public health perspective for Europe and the world, based on the principles of equity and efficiency. For this analysis, four inter-related criteria have been applied to determine priority disease areas of research:

Criterion 1: The estimated European and global burdens of disease;

Criterion 2: The common risk factors amenable to pharmacological intervention that have an impact on many high-burden diseases;

Criterion 3: The prediction of disease burden trends, based on epidemiological and demographic changes in Europe and the world;

Criterion 4: The principle of "social solidarity" applied to diseases for which there are currently no market incentives to develop treatments.

Pharmaceutical "gaps" have been established for the diseases and risk factors identified. A gap exists for a disease or condition when: pharmaceutical treatments for that condition will soon become ineffective (e.g. due to resistance); the delivery mechanism or formulation is not appropriate for the target patient group; or when an effective medicine either does not exist or is not sufficiently effective (e.g. lack of basic scientific knowledge or lack of financial incentive due to market failure).

Within the context of identifying the pharmaceutical gaps which have an impact on the health of people in Europe, particular emphasis has been placed on identifying those research needs which are also relevant for the rest of the world. This "commonality of interest" is an important bridging aspect of the project between Europe and the world for both the 2004 Report and the updated 2013 Report...

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