Pharma Futures. Pathways to Value: Pharma in a Changing World. PharmaFutures Global Conclusions
(2013; 28 pages)


The PharmaFutures series was created in 2003 to allow institutional investors to hold a sustained dialogue with senior pharmaceutical managers on how they are seeing and responding to challenges in the external operating environment.the dialogues aim to highlight the importance of societal expectations in shaping pharma’s ability to generate long-term value. At its heart, this requires a business model that delivers health outcomes as the primary driver of sustainable shareholder value. PharmaFutures seeks to achieve this end by encouraging frank, open and constructive exchanges between people who hold widely differing views and by building trust and collaboration between them.

PharmaFutures dialogues are structured around aWorking Group, formed of senior pharmaceutical executives, institutional investors and health system representatives from within the different markets. their face-to-face deliberations are enhanced by inputs from a group of senior expert practitioners with years of experience of working in pharmaceutical companies, reimbursement, and health system policy and administration (see PharmaFutures Participants), and by extensive desktop research. this report concludes the fifth PharmaFutures dialogue, which ran from 2011 to 2013 and focused on the changing reimbursement landscape. It summarises the global implications of trends in Europe, the emerging markets and the US. It builds on the conclusions of three regional studies, Perspectives from Europe, June 2012, Perspectives from the EmergingMarkets, December 2012, and Cost and Choice in the USMarket, April 2013. All are available on theMeteos website,

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