Procurement Performance Indicators Guide. Using Procurement Performance Indicators to Strengthen the Procurement Process for Public Health Commodities
(2013; 48 pages)


This guide is intended for procurement managers at ministries of health and central medical stores who are responsible for procuring public health commodities and who want to improve the performance of the procurement system. This is intended to ensure that these commodities are provided to programs in a timely manner that supports program objectives.

The purpose of this guide is to provide procurement managers with a small set of performance indicators and information on how to implement and use the performance indicators to monitor and improve procurement system performance.

Monitoring procurement system performance provides managers with the information they need to evaluate how well the system is functioning and to identify areas where additional measures may be required to improve the overall procurement performance. To effectively monitor procurement performance, appropriate performance monitoring indicators must be in place and they must be supported by both management and operational personnel.

The procurement performance indicators presented in this guide are drawn from a larger body of performance indicators identified through a review of several publications and documents on the use of performance indicators. These indicators were selected based on their ability to provide procurement managers key performance information on different aspects of a procurement system, including cost, quality, timeliness of processes, system productivity, and system integrity. They are designed to provide timely, relevant, and concise information for procurement managers to use to assess progress in achieving pre-established procurement performance goals and targets. This document is complemented by a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that captures performance data and graphically summarizes results for each indicator in a dashboard format. The Procurement Performance Indicators Dashboard can be found on the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT website here:

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