Dominica Pharmaceutical Country Profile, March 2012
(2012; 100 pages)


The 2011 Pharmaceutical Country Profile for Dominica has been produced by the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO).

This Pharmaceutical Country Profile (PCP) provides data on existing socioeconomic and health-related conditions, resources, regulatory structures, processes and outcomes relating to the pharmaceutical sector of Dominica. The aim of this document is to compile all relevant, existing information on the pharmaceutical sector and make it available to the public in a user-friendly format. In 2010, the country profiles project was piloted in 13 countries ( dex.html). During 2011, the World Health Organization has supported all WHO Member States to develop similar comprehensive pharmaceutical country profiles.

The information is categorized in 8 sections, namely:

  1. Health and Demographic data,
  2. Health Services,
  3. Policy Issues,
  4. Medicines Trade and Production,
  5. Medicines Regulation,
  6. Medicines Financing,
  7. Pharmaceutical procurement and distribution, and
  8. Selection and rational use.

The indicators have been divided into two categories, namely "core" (most important) and "supplementary" (useful if available).

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