A Practical Guide for Procurement Planning and Management of Strategic Public Health Supplies
(2006; 67 pages)


The strengthening of procurement and supply management processes is considered a key component of an integrated strategy to ensure access to medicines that meet international standards in quality, safety and efficacy. The four strategic lines of action proposed by PAHO in this area include: the promotion of coherent generic medicine´s policy to ensure a greater level of competition in pharmaceutical markets; the implementation of cost containment strategies focusing on issues relating to pricing and intellectual property regulation; the strengthening of supply systems to ensure continuous availability and affordability of essential medicines; and the consolidation of regional mechanisms for joint price negotiations and pooled procurement. This Practical Guide for Procurement Planning and Management of Strategic Public Health Supplies aims to provide a series of operational instruments that will support countries throughout the Region in programming and planning of product needs, at the same time building national capacity in procurement and supply management. The document proposes a self assessment approach, evaluating critical areas within the supply system, identifying key areas for improvement and highlighting the importance of evaluation and monitoring through the development and implementation of performance indicators. At the same time, the PAHO Strategic Fund is proposed as a concrete alternative for the acquisition of quality products, at prices that either have been negotiated previously or are referenced to the lowest regional reference price. The Guide complements our previous publication presenting the Operating Principles for the Regional Revolving Fund for Strategic Public Health Supplies.

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