The Public Procurement Act, 2063 (2007). Act Number 36 of the Year 2007. An Act Made to Provide for Public Procurement, 14 January 2007
(2007; 60 pages)


Whereas, it is expedient to make legal provisions in order to make the procedures, processes and decisions relating to public procurement much more open, transparent, objective and reliable, obtain the maximum returns of public expenditures in an economical and rational manner by promoting competition, fairness, honesty, accountability and reliability in public procurement processes, and; ensure good governance by enhancing the managerial capacity of procurement of public entities in procuring, or causing to be procured, construction work and procuring goods, consultancy services and other services by such entities and by ensuring the equal opportunity for producers, sellers, suppliers, construction entrepreneurs or service providers to participate in public procurement processes without any discrimination; Now, therefore, the House of Representatives has enacted this Act in the First Year of the issuance of the Proclamation of the House of Representatives, 2007...

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