Access to Essential Medicines in Kenya. A Health Facility Survey (December 2009)
(2009; 90 pages)


This survey on Access to Essential Medicines in Kenya was undertaken as part of the WHO Level II Pharmaceutical Situation Assessment (PSA) for Kenya. This is a standardized survey that aims to provide systematic data on access to essential medicines, from the perspectives of the healthcare system (Health Facility Survey) and of households (Household Survey). A household survey was undertaken concurrently and is published as a separate report. Together, these reports comprise the second Pharmaceutical Situation Assessment in Kenya, providing updated data from an earlier baseline survey undertaken in 2003. This report documents the Health Facility Survey undertaken in 2008, and compares the findings with the 2003 baseline...The survey findings are reported as standard indicators, defined in detail in the WHO and WHO/HAI standard methodologies... Overall, findings of this survey indicate stagnating or deteriorating performance of the public sector since 2003. Whereas availability has not changed significantly, stock-outs in facilities have increased; and stock records and labeling of medicines have deteriorated.

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