National Drug Policy - 1995 (and Draft National Medicines Policy – 2007) - Nepal
(2007; 13 pages)


Since the introduction of the National Drug Policy 1995, there have been remarkable achievements in the area of pharmaceutical manufacturing, access and use of medicines. There are changes in the socio-economic sectors. Nepal has become the member of WTO. It is of utmost importance to modernize and expand Nepalese pharmaceutical sector aiming at export markets and attract the foreign investment. To keep pace with the changed circumstances it is inevitable to update the present National Drug Policy.

Thus in order to properly deal with the changes and developments taken place in the pharmaceutical sector the National Medicines Policy 2007 has been promulgated to meet the current needs of the country. The National Medicines Policy 2007 is the revision of National Drug Policy 1995 including its all the relevant and useful elements and incorporating necessary changes and developments. It addresses the aims and objectives of Nepal Health Sector Reform Programme.

The updated National Medicines Policy 2007 has been promulgated for implementation to ensure that the common people have access to the safe, effective and quality medicines at affordable price for proper healthcare with the principle of social equity by establishing coordination among governmental, non-governmental, private organization and consumer representatives involved in pharmaceutical sectors for better health outcomes...

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