AFRO Essential Medicines. Price Indicator, September 2007
(2007; 81 pages)


In 1999, the forty-ninth Session of the WHO Regional Committee for Africa endorsed the Intensified Essential Drugs Program for the African Region. One of the components of this program was "information exchange to improve policy implementation and containing cost". Containing cost through efficient procurement of medicines requires good knowledge of the prevailing prices of medicine at national and international pharmaceutical markets. This knowledge - market intelligence - is critical when comparing prices before and during public tendering through international bidding or from pre-selected suppliers. We hope that the present fourth edition of the AFRO Essential Medicines Price Indicator will be a useful tool for Member States in their attempts to improve procurement efficiency in order to achieve better prices and improve affordability of essential medicines.

In order to prepare the current edition of the price indicator, electronic data collection form was sent to selected international generic medicines supply agencies and to all the 46 Member States of the WHO African Region. The data collection form was based on the Model list of Essential Medicines revised March 2005. The information requested included package size, package price, unit price; the type of price quoted (CFR, FOB etc) the vendor, the currency used for the tenders, the exchange rate in American dollars. It is important to bear in mind that the final landed price of a pharmaceutical product depends on a number of factors such as the tendering and payment procedures used, whether the products are directly supplied by the manufacturer or by an agent, the currency exchange rates, insurance costs as well as shipping and handling charges. The AFRO Essential Medicines Price Indicator therefore only provides an indication of the price of medicines at a given time. It cannot be used to place orders and it does not guarantee the product quality. Member States interested in making orders are therefore advised to contact the supply agencies for the latest list of products and price offers or the national procurement agencies to get the names of other supplies and their reliability...

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