Guidelines for Permits/Authorisation to Import and Clear Controlled Substances NAFDAC/NCS/004/00, Narcotics and Controlled Substances Division
(6 pages)


These guidelines are for the interest of all stakeholders involved in Narcotics substances, Psychotropic substances, Precursor chemicals, controlled solvents and Drugs controlled under the Food and Drugs Act Cap F32 LFN and the Dangerous Drug Act Cap 91 LFN.

These guidelines are for obtaining

i. Permits to import/clear narcotics and psychotropic substances

ii. Permits to import/clear precursors and controlled chemicals

iii. Authorization /clearance letter for bulk narcotics

iv. Authorization to purchase finished narcotics from the Federal Medical Stores.

v. Authorization for purchase/sale of bulk Narcotic substances/precursors chemicals.

It is necessary to emphasize that no Narcotics/ Psychotropic substances and Controlled chemicals should be manufactured, imported, exported, advertised, sold or distributed in Nigeria unless it has been registered and/or provided for in accordance with the provisions of Act Cap F33 LFN 2004 (formerly decree 19 of 1993 ).

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