Guidelines for Distribution of Chemicals in Nigeria NAFDAC/NCS/003/00. Directorate of Narcotics and Controlled Substances, Chemical Monitoring Division
(4 pages)


These guidelines are intended for all person(s), companies and other stakeholders distributing chemicals in Nigeria.

The Chemicals covered in these guidelines are Industrial chemicals, Raw materials for producing regulated products (food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, and detergents.), Agrochemicals, Restricted chemicals, Controlled/precursor chemicals and Chemical products including consumable chemicals.

Any person(s), companies and stakeholders distributing chemicals in Nigeria shall by these guidelines obtain a listing certificate duly issued by NAFDAC. It is necessary to emphasize that, no regulated product shall be manufactured, imported, exported, advertised, sold or distributed in Nigeria unless it has been registered in accordance with the provisions of ACT CAP F33 LFN 2004 (Decree 19 of 1993) and the accompanying guidelines...

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