Access to and Rational Use of Medicines at the Facility Level
(2010; 45 pages)


The first Nigerian National Medicines Policy was published in 1990 to improve access to and rational use of medicines; however, various challenges were experienced in its implementation. A revised edition of the National Medicines Policy which addressed the challenges and took cognisance of various interventions was thereafter published in 2005.

This study therefore aims to evaluate the extent to which the National Medicines Policy had been implemented in healthcare facilities; and give recommendations that can improve the implementation process. The newly revised WHO Levels I and II Facility survey tools were used in this study.

The Level II assessment was carried out in 30 public health facilities and 30 private medicine outlets located in 5 out of the 6 geopolitical zones of Nigeria; enumerators in one of the zones were not granted authorization to carry out the survey...

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