Critérios e indicadores de resultados para a farmácia hospitalar brasileira utilizando o método Delfos. (Establishment of criteria and outcome indicators for hospital pharmacies in Brazil using Delphos)
(2007; 12 páginas)


The hospital pharmacy is responsible for several services which influence inpatient outcomes. This paper describes the construction of criteria and outcome indicators for Brazilian hospital pharmacies using Delphos, a consensus technique in which physical presence of specialists is not necessary. 22 specialists from 4 Brazilian regions participated. The entire process was anchored on the logical model previously constructed for the Brazilian hospital pharmacy. The four phases were conducted through e-mail contact. The first round of contributions identified 103 possible outcomes. These were screened and classified according to adequacy, relevance and measurability, producing 22 criteria that originated 20 outcome indicators, grouped in 7 separate aspects of quality of the pharmacy service. Initial contributions helped clarify four different log frame components. All of the outcomes considered by specialists in this study have been already described in the literature as structure and process indicators. Based on the results, we believe that the construction of composite indicators for the Brazilian hospital pharmacy based on the aspects of quality that emerged from the analysis would better depict these indicators' contribution to the evaluation of inpatient care.

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