Baseline Survey of the Pharmaceutical Sector in Tanzania, 2002
(2002; 42 pages)


A survey on monitoring and assessing the pharmaceutical sector in Tanzania was carried out so as to know whether or not the population has access to essential drugs that are of good quality, efficacious and are being used properly. The survey also aimed at generating current information on the pharmaceutical situation in Tanzania. The information so gathered will form a basis for the review of the National Drug Policy (NDP) of 1991 and the Pharmaceutical Master Plan of 1992−2000.

This survey was carried out in October − November 2002 involving four purposely selected geographical areas, ie Mwanza, Kilimanjaro, Mbeya and the capital city, Dar es Salaam. From the four areas a total of 20 public health facilities were randomly selected (five from each study area). Around each of the health facilities visited, 15 households and one private pharmacy/drug outlet were surveyed.

Since the survey focused on monitoring and assessing the access, quality and rational use of medicines, the WHO level II core indicators were used. Face to face interviews, exit interviews plus retrospective record data were used to collect the required information...

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