Pharmacoepidemiological Study of Self-Medication in Adults Attending Pharmacies in Alexandria, Egypt - Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal
(2009; 9 pages)


A cross-sectional study was conducted to determine the extent and pattern of selfmedication among adults, to identify their knowledge and practice concerning the purchased drugs and to calculate prescribing and purchaser care indicators. Following WHO methods, 35 pharmacies were randomly selected from districts in Alexandria city, Egypt. Of 1294 clients interviewed at these pharmacies, 1050 (81.1%) purchased self-medication; the commonest reason given was a belief that the condition was minor. The most frequently dispensed drugs were those for the respiratory system. The mean number of drugs per encounter was 1.10, mean cost LE 7.29 and mean dispensing time 2.53 minutes. Purchasers’ knowledge and practice regarding the purchased drugs were poor.

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