WHA58.27 - Improving the Containment of Antimicrobial Resistance. WHA resolution; Fifty-eighth World Health Assembly, 2005
(2005; 2 pages) [Arabic] [Chinese] [French] [Russian] [Spanish]

REQUESTS the Director-General: (1) to strengthen the leadership role of WHO in containing antimicrobial resistance; (2) to accelerate the implementation of resolutions WHA51.17 and WHA54.14 concerning the containment of antimicrobial resistance by expanding and strengthening the provision of technical support to Member States, at their request; (3) to collaborate with other relevant programmes and partners in order to promote the appropriate use of antimicrobial agents in the context of the rational use of medicines, by scaling up interventions proven to be effective, and to provide support for the sharing of knowledge and experience among stakeholders on best practice; (4) to provide support for the generation of up-to-date information on antimicrobial resistance at regional and subregional levels and to make this available to Member States and other parties; (5) to provide support for gathering and sharing of evidence on cost-effective interventions for prevention and control of antimicrobial resistance at national and local levels; (6) to report to the Sixtieth World Health Assembly, and subsequently on a regular basis, on progress achieved, problems encountered and further actions proposed in implementing this resolution.
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