National Essential Drug List & Guidelines (NEDLG 2006, Egypt). Part 1 Non-Proprietary Names (Generics); Part 2 Monographs Nonproprietary Essential Drugs; Part 3 Proprietary Names available in Egyptian Market
(2006; 30 pages)

For the optimal use of the limited financial resources for health in developing countries the availability of drugs must be restricted to those proven to be therapeutically effective, to have acceptable safety and to satisfy the health needs of the population. These selected drugs are labeled "Essential" indicating they are the basic and necessary group of agents that are needed to meet the health needs of the population. The primary concept behind the use of the list of essential drugs is to reduce the number of drugs available. This will assist in the monitoring of the quality and availability of drugs in order to avoid waste and to concentrate on the pharmaceutical agents within Egypt...The Arrangement of the updated Essential Drug List: Part 1 (page 1-18) contains the National Essential Drug List (EDL) under its Nonproprietary names (Generics). Part 2 (page 1 - 137) contains monographs on non-proprietary drugs of the list arranged under therapeutic categories. Each monograph includes basic information such as indications, side effects, contraindications, interactions, precautions and doses. Part 3 (page 1 - 31) contains proprietary names of generics that are included in the essential drug list. For the proprietary preparations, the information provided includes the trade name, the manufacturer, units in one pack, dosage form, and the retail price. Index : A general index to make fullest use of the contents of this book.
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