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Essential Drugs Monitor No. 028-029 (2000)
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Essential Drugs Monitor No. 028-029 (2000)


Essential Drugs Monitor

The Essential Drugs Monitor is produced and distributed by the WHO Department of Essential Drugs and Medicines Policy (EDM). It is published in Chinese, English, French, Spanish and Russian, and has a global readership of some 300,000 to whom it is free of charge. The Monitor carries news of developments in national drug policies, therapeutic guidelines, cur-rent pharmaceutical issues, educational strategies and operational research.

WHO’s Department of Essential Drugs and Medicines Policy seeks to ensure that all people - wherever they may be - are able to obtain the drugs they need at a price that they and their country can afford; that these drugs are safe, effective and of good quality; and that they are prescribed and used rationally.

All correspondence should be addressed to:

The Editor
Essential Drugs Monitor
World Health Organization
CH-1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland
Fax: +41 22-791-4167


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