Essential Medicine List, 2018 - Maldives
(2018; 65 pages)


Essential medicines are those that are deemed to address the health care needs of the population and that shall be available at the appropriate dosage forms and strengths at all times. They reflect the needs based on the disease burden of a particular country. The medicines listed in the essential medicine list shall be available at specified levels of healthcare system, they are selected based on their proven safety, clinical efficacy, and affordable cost and assured quality. Essential Medicine List (EML) 2018 is the result of review and revision of the earlier 2016 version, which reflects the needs of the population in Maldives from the primary to tertiary and specialist, cares facilities. The list also accommodates the needs for medicines from the national health program…

The EML guides the policies set up by hospital on medicines, medicine procurement and supply in the public sector, medicines reimbursement by health insurance, and also medicines donations. EML also assists the quantification and price calculation of medicines. It can be used as a reference document in the process of medicines prescribing. Hence, the use of medicines in the EML is expected to improve prescribing practices as well as improving access, health services and ultimately health outcomes. The appropriate use of medicines selected in the EML promotes rational use of medicines, especially antimicrobials, which in turn it would also reduce the risk of developing antimicrobial resistance.

Maldives Essential Medicines List was first developed in 2009 and subsequently revised in 2013 and 2016 to accommodate the changes on the healthcare needs and the introduction of new medicines, especially for the national health program. The medicines included in the current EML, reflect the current health care needs of the Maldives population. The Maldives Food and Drug Authority is responsible to ensure the quality of medicine included in the EML 2018.

The revision of the EML 2016 was undertaken by a core committee appointed by the Maldives Food and Drug Authority, and assisted by an expert from the World Health Organization. The Core committee was selected from the MFDA Board, representing clinical specialists, medicines regulators, health program, regional Atoll Health Authorities and referral hospitals. The core committee reviewed the proposition for deletion and addition into the EML 2018. The propositions for addition and deletion were received by MFDA from different departments, health program, hospitals and Atoll Health Authority. The review was based on agreed criteria on medicines safety, clinical efficacy, affordable cost, suitability to the healthcare system and their availability for Maldives. There are forty one (35) deletions and thirty (30) additions, and altogether there are four hundred and thirty four (440) medicines (excluding repetitions) listed in the EML 2018.

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