Global Access to Hepatitis Drugs and Diagnostics Consultation with Pharmaceutical and Diagnostics Companies. 16 June 2014, Geneva, Switzerland
(2014; 24 pages)


The World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Hepatitis Programme organized a one-day meeting with pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies that produce or have a significant development pipeline of drugs for hepatitis treatment, or laboratory tests for the diagnosis and monitoring of hepatitis. This meeting was organized as a part of the Programme’s outreach to stakeholders who are active in the area of hepatitis.

The consultation was held on 16 June 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland, and gathered 45 participants from the innovator and generic drug industry, producers of diagnostic tests, professionals from partner organizations, representatives from missions to the United Nations based in Geneva and nongovernmental organizations.

The objectives of the meeting were as follows:

- to present the policy environment in which WHO’s Global Hepatitis Programme is developing;

- to present the WHO 2014 recommendations on the screening, care and treatment of hepatitis C, recent technical developments, and inform participants of anticipated future developments;

- to present options for WHO’s engagement as part of a global strategy to tackle viral hepatitis, including which outputs it will and may produce in the near future;

- to present and discuss options and assumptions on which to base a feasible approach to secure sustainable universal access to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of viral hepatitis.

This report summarizes the main points discussed after the presentations at the meeting. The report and presentations are available at:

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